How I Made My Trip Planned to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

There were dreams in me that were triggered by Hollywood movies which shows up the huge skyscrapers, amazing lighting, clean roads and lots of cars. Always I’ve wanted to convert such dreams in to reality. I was dreaming about making it to some of the big western cities like London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Rome, Toronto, Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle at least once.

Since when I moved to Wamego in Kansas from Peoria in Illinois in United States, always looking for the opportunity to make it to some of the big cities.

I saw that opportunity came by my way when I was in Wamego in Christmas holidays 2012. The nearest such cities from Wamego are Las Vegas (1264 miles) and Los Angeles (1542 miles). Both these cities are close-by to each other (281 miles), a drive of around 4.5 hours. So thought of making it to these two first in one trip. Driving to and fro for 22 hours by car would be a tiring task and expensive as well. Hence to travel by air would be safe and much economical.

View of the drive way to Las Vegas and Los Angeles from Wamego

Planned this trip down to the western states Nevada and California in late December 2012. Booked the air tickets with Frontier Airlines from Kansas City, Kansas to Las Vegas, Nevada one and a half months back for $297 (to & fro) as that’s the cheapest fare that came up.

One of my colleagues in Wamego came up to me and asked “Why don’t you join with us to go California by car?”. There were three other colleagues who would start this aforesaid journey plan from Peoria, Illinois by car and then they had to pick me and my colleague in Wamego if I would have said yes for this long trip by car. Their plan was to see Salt Lake City in Utah, San Francisco, Las Vegas and then Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This would be much economical as the total expenses would be split in to five. All the four guys drive and they don’t have any question of why can’t they make it. But I had other ideas.

Drive way from Peoria to Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Arizona and back to Peoria

I wanted to keep my travel plans of going all alone unchanged. And even if I cancel the flight tickets which were booked already, I won’t get the amount refunded. Hence I did stick with my plans and said my colleague “That’s fine”, on his plans of going as five by car.

So, Christmas holidays came. I had to go Kansas City to catch the flight which would depart at 4.30 am to Las Vegas on 24th December from MCI Airport, Kansas City in Missouri. I got all my stuffs like Clothes, Camera and Laptop packed in my backpack last evening. I did set the alarm at 12.30 am in my mobile phone to get up, to take bath and to get ready to get going. But no idea why the alarm didn’t ring up at right time. Quite a few times it happened to me when I most wanted it to ring up. No idea what’s up with that mobile and alarm. Well that’s my old mobile phone, it happens. Suddenly I woke up and saw the time it was 1.20 am. So rushed in to the bathroom and washed my face, brushed my teeth and got ready in 10 minutes without taking bath. Not many takes bath so early in the morning, so that’s okay I guess! 😉

To be continued…

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