The Serenity and Beauty of Andaman Islands

A grand trip to the archipelago of Andaman Islands happened in mid August 2014 with a team of 9 guys together. And I must definitely say that this trip we had been planning and talking for 8 years until we made it.  There are no words that would fit appropriate to express and feel the happiness when you’ve waited for 8 years to make something happen. And hell yeah.. that kind of a trip it is!

The serene South Andaman in the Archipelago of Andaman

South Andaman majorly covers the main South Andaman Island, Henry Lawrence Island, Havelock Island, Sir William Peel Island, Outram, Lakshmanpur, Rutland Island, North Sentinel Island and many other small islands.

South Andaman Island is the main island where the capital city Port Blair is and it is densely populated. To stay in a home stay kind of a room would be the best and the most economical option in the heart of the city and we did no different to stay easily accessible to foods and stuffs. Lots of people, houses, vehicles, forest areas, agriculture lands, farm houses and beaches which would just reflect how the mainland India is. Hindi, Bengali and Tamil are the most spoken languages here. South Andaman Island has lots of forest areas and most of the forest areas are highly preserved and very well conserved.

@ Munda Pahar Beach, South Andaman – A small stream merges with the Andaman Sea
@ Munda Pahar Beach, S.Andaman – A small bridge over the small stream
Munda Pahar beach, South Andaman
South Andaman beaches are patched all over with mangrove trees, bushes and mountains. The mountains and trees adds beauty to the South Andaman beaches. We didn’t see much of wildlife here except Squirrels, Pigs and Birds. There is this spot at Munda Pahar beach where a small stream flowing through some where deep inside from the forest to the Andaman Sea. The confluence of this stream and the Andaman sea was nothing huge but it was simple and clean to watch. Mangrove trees and mountains are all over here in this beach which gives the look of an undisturbed nature.
@ Munda Pahar Beach, S. Andaman – Mangrove trees in the beach
On a shiny evening, people just relax down in the shallow sea bed of Munda Pahar beach
S. Andaman
@ Munda Pahar beach – Pic by Murugesh Durai
Havelock Island
Havelock Island

You bet on me! Havelock Island beaches are the amazing ones in the whole of the Sub-Continent and well it could be the best in the whole of the South Asia. Havelock island is around 60 km north east of the city Port Blair. Havelock island covers area of around 120 sq. km, roughly 1/3rd of the city area of Las Vegas. This island is great in vegetation, sea food and stunning coast lines. It has quite a lot of beautiful resorts lining up the sea shores.

It would take around 2.5 hours to reach Havelock from Port Blair in a ferry. This ferry travel would make you cherish for your life time with the beautiful mountains come along with you right from Port Blair until you reach Havelock, Steep and green island-like rocks while nearing Havelock, spread out tiny beautiful islands in the blue sea of Andaman, stunning pod of Dolphins taking deep dives, eye-catching Flying Fishes taking a long stretch of fly over the water surface, large groups of Jelly Fishes flashing along and amazing sun sets down the mountains.

Andaman sea is very much gifted with all these extra ordinary nature phenomena.

Stunning Radha Nagar beach
Radha Nagar beach is the topmost and beautiful attraction that you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Havelock Island. The blue waters here is so serene and clean that will definitely push you hard to take a plunge in. The sea shores has also been beautifully lined up naturally with the green vegetation of trees and bushes throughout which makes this beach a wonderful place with a blended mix of amazing green and blue.
Me and my friends went on for a photo shoot for hours featuring individual shots, group shots, nature shots and some group tribal shots as well for a change. The location was that picturesque which pushes you to get a photo of your own somehow with that stunning blue background.
@Havelock Island – Amazing blue world in Radha Nagar beach. Me and my friends swapped back ourselves to the revised tribal mode with the shorts and specs! 😉 😉

CLICK for more pictures –> Pics of the picturesque Andaman Islands

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