Lush Green Wonder of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, United States

Imagine it’s just the lush green grass all over, as far as your eyes can stretch! You would be left absolutely stunned and amazed. That’s the way it is, when you’re in the middle of this nature wonder in the state of Kansas. All you can see is just grass.. grass.. grass.. and you would probably be very desperate to lie down and roll over the grass in a great excitement for sure!

Grass.. grass.. grass.. all over.. until horizon..!

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is one of the wonders of the North American continent and it is located in Strong City, Kansas and it covers more than 10,000 acres of land. Prairie lands has just green and tall grass which covers the uneven plains and terrains of Flint Hills of Kansas. When it is seen from above, it would give a phenomenal view of a huge lush green blanket spread over the flint hill terrains which would look just magnificent.

Any view with a mix of this green tallgrass and the blue sky in the spring and summer times would be hard to beat. Tall grass prairie is one of the United States National Preserve maintained together by the National Park Service and the Nature Conservancy.

A small pond in the middle of the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Tallgrass prairie lands were said to exist more than 170 million acres covering the continent of North America in the early times of Native Americans. But in the recent times, it has progressively become worse because of the lands were taken down for agriculture and it remains with an alarming 4% majorly in the Flint Hills areas of Kansas.

And some of such grass lands can also be seen from the american states of Indiana to Kansas and very few in other states like Oklahoma and Texas. These grass lands can also be seen in certain areas of Cananda.

A look-alike trail to heaven in the Prairie lands
The cow in prairie lands looked so worried, grazing lonely away from her herd

Similar such areas of grass lands can also be seen in Konza Prairie Preserve, Cimarron National Grassland and Big Basin Prairie Preserve. All these grasslands are widely spread out but only in the state of Kansas. Wherever you go to see the the prairie grasslands, you will always go back home with the green tallgrass dancing all along in your mind. The beauty of the vast tallgrass prairie leaves us wondering about it all the time.

Konza Prairie grasslands in the season of Autumn 2012

Nature Trails in the park

Tallgrass Prairie has more than 40 miles of nature and hiking trails. Some of the nature and hiking trails are very scenic as it falls in the back country area and it almost gives us a touch of the nature the way it is. As you walk along the trails with the vast view of grass, the big blue sky and the scattered clouds give us ‘a whole new world’ feeling. All along the trails, a lot can be witnessed including variety of plants and wild flowers, different species of birds and wild animals like Bisons, Coyotes, Rabbits, Mule and White Tail deers.

The wonderful ‘Fox Creek’ Trail
The Scenic Overlook Trail

As a restriction, camping and biking are not allowed anywhere in the limits of the preserve area. The trails are strictly for walk or jog activity. In some days of the week, bus tours are also available through some of the trails which would be a good option under the hot sun in summer.

When Spring arrives, controlled burns may be executed and some of the trails would probably be closed. This firing of grass happens every spring just to trigger and enhance fresh and faster growing of grass.

Having seen such a vast area of Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, it’s just provoking me to think “How the Savannah grasslands of Africa would look like?” Well, let me see! Africa has always wandered in my mind quite a lot 🙂

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