Stay Amazed and Overwhelmed with Nature’s Elegance of Yellowstone

In the long Spring trip of 2013, Me and my colleague were first done with Badlands National Park in South Dakota and we continued for Mt.Rushmore National Memorial. That’s a journey of over 2 hours covering almost 100 miles. A couple of photographs at Mr.Rushmore did good for us. We didn’t spend much time out there and we immediately started off to the next attraction Custer State Park in the same state South Dakota.

Journey to the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming from the Badlands of South Dakota

Reached the Custer State Park from Mt.Rushmore and that’s a journey of only 21 miles. That was a cool 21 mile journey, where we saw some American Bisons grazing nearby roads and some Mule Deer crossing the roads now and then. The highways SD-244 W and US-16 W were quite beautiful with lots of tree shades throughout and hills nearby roads were pleasant with dense Subalpine trees. Custer State Park is a great place for Camping. As we had no plans of camping out there, we didn’t do it. Continued driving out from Custer State Park. We traveled like some 10 mins in the highway SD-87 S and we reached this, Wind Cave National Park.

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Got caught by a Park Ranger in Wind Cave National Park!

As we were entering through the Wind Cave National Park, we saw a small herd of bison grazing over the hill. So we parked our car underneath a tree, we took our cameras out and we approached the bison herd. We were calm and slow approaching the bison herd for some close shot photographs.

Bisons in the hill slopes of Wind Cave National Park, Wyoming

When we were busy finding the perfect spots and angles for capturing images of the Bisons in Wind Cave National Park, we heard some guy saying “Excuse me, Sir!” right behind us. We turned back and that was a Park Ranger. He was like “You’re not suppose to be approaching wild animals. Do you guys know that an adult bison can run up to 35 mph (55 kph). Bisons may seem calm and quiet but they are dangerous animals. You know this is an offence and I can give you a penalty of $120 per person but I’m warning you guys this time.” 😳

We were like “OMG! Thank you Sir.. I mean Sorry Sir” with mixed reactions running on our mind. After that warning from the Park Ranger, we took off from Wind Cave National Park to Yellowstone saying “Ufffff….” with a great sigh of relief having just saved $240 from our pockets. 😉 😉

That’s a warning wailer for you guys. Never approach a wild animal to it’s close quarters in the Public lands of America. My humble request. Instead buy a long zooming camera lens or a binocular. Don’t earn an annoying penalty to pay needless from your earnings.

We didn’t spend much of our times in the aforesaid attractions, as our only significant target was Yellowstone National Park. All the other attractions – Just happened to be ‘On The Way’ picks!

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Yellowstone, the world’s first established National Park

After 600+ miles of long journey from Badlands National Park, more than 10 hours span of driving, got the first glimpse of Yellowstone finally. Yeah, that was awesome!! 🙂

Grand Teton Mountain Ranges seen from the Highway US-287 in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is one of the only two national parks in the state of Wyoming. Being primarily situated in the state of Wyoming, Yellowstone extends across other two states of Montana and Idaho as well. The giant Rocky Mountain Ranges of North American continent runs through the greatly outspread Yellowstone National Park which is a nature wonder.

Highway towards Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park

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Feeling Proud to be One among 3,188,030 Visitors to Yellowstone in 2013

Facebook Status from Yellowstone-Official Page


A facebook status from the official page of ‘Yellowstone National Park’ makes me proud. I was one among more than 3 million visitors to the park in 2013?  Wow!! 😎 😎

Read more at NPS link thread

The Welcoming Bear of Yellowstone

A Brown Bear Cub seen welcoming us at Pelican Creek in Yellowstone

A brown bear cub was seen wandering nearby the Pelican Creek. Bear sighting are extremely rare. But the very first animal and wildlife sight that we got was a brown bear cub. Can you ask for more? That’s amazing. This happened when entering Yellowstone National Park from the East Entrance.

We felt that as a warm welcoming sign from the little bear cub 🐻 in the early chill spring. 😉

Call it ‘Breathtaking’, the Yellowstone Lake


Astonishing! Awesome! Extraordinary! Amazing! Breathtaking! Awe-inspiring! Pick any adjective of that kind to explain the beauty of this phenomenal feature of the Yellowstone National Park which is surrounded by incredible Snow Capped Mountain Ranges and the dense Subalpine trees. And that is, the ‘Yellowstone Lake’!

It’s been said that Yellowstone Lake is the largest Freshwater and largest Mountain lake in America at such an altitude of more than 7,500 feet (2,000 meters) above sea level. The complete shoreline distance of this beautiful lake extends up to 100+ miles (160+ km) and that’s quite big for sure.

This astounding view in the above picture of this incredible lake, reminded me of Alaska with a mind-blowing view of the Giant Rocky Mountains and Bering Sea seen in conjunction, in lots of ‘Wild Alaska’ documentaries on YouTube.

Alaska! That’s definitely on one of my #DreamTrips list. Hope I write a blog post on Wild Alaska one day. 😉 😉

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Making way through Subalpine forests, the Yellowstone River

The beautiful Yellowstone River, flows elegant as the snow meltdown happens from the mountains in Spring.

The Yellowstone River rises from the sub ranges of Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and runs through the states of Montana and North Dakota. The river got this name as it travels through the Yellowstone National Park. The path which Yellowstone River takes through the mountains and valleys, enriched the wildlife existence in the park for millions of years now.

Yellowstone River takes a long journey of more than 600 miles (1,000 km) and travels incredibly through some of the beautiful plains of North-Western United States.

Yellowstone River makes way through the Subalpine forests.

Yellowstone National Park supports activities like River Rafting in Yellowstone River and Kayaking in Yellowstone Lake respectively. Rafting and Paddling would make you live some outstanding moments surrounded by the ever fresh nature of the Yellowstone National Park.

The snow on mountains in Yellowstone seem vanishing and it takes a new form in the plains as the wonderful Yellowstone River

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park got it’s name from the color nature of the rocks seen in this Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon with the ‘Lower Falls’ of Yellowstone River forms a mind-blowing landscape offering the visitors of Yellowstone with some staggering views for photography and for the visitors relishing the nature. It has been said that Lower Falls of Yellowstone is the largest volume of waterfall in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. These falls are almost twice as high as Niagara Falls in the New York state. That’s an interesting comparison.

Lower Falls of Yellowstone River
Lower Falls of Yellowstone River seen in Grand Canyon of the park

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone shouldn’t be confused with Grand Canyon in Arizona and Canyonlands in Utah. All Canyons are of same characteristics by formation but with different shapes and colors by nature. Canyons are typically the landscape of narrow valleys formed by river or stream flowing through the steep mountains or high cliffs. Such landscape is said to be Gorge. But deep gorges are primarily considered as Canyons.

The Grand Canyon in Yellowstone would be a real treat for photography from various views! Thoughts kept rushing in me during my clicks of the Grand Canyon about “How this canyon would look, when sea takes a deep way in?!” Then I surfed about it later and all the search dragged me to the ‘Fjords’.

Heard of ‘Fjords’? – Fjords are typically like Canyons but caused by the deep channel of sea between the steep mountains on either side. Fjords are majorly seen in the Scandinavian country, Norway and quite a few in other countries as well.

Did you just ask me “Fjords Norway sometime?” And I said a strong YES, louder. Did you hear? 😉 😉

Go for a Virtual Tour on Aerial view of the impressive Yellowstone National Park here on:  YouTube Link

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