Get Fantasy of Africa in Lamar Valley – ‘The Serengeti of America’

Huge American Bison herd, American Elk, Bear, Wolf and Coyote, Snow-capped Mountains, the Green Paradise of prairie regions spread over with fresh grass, Pine Trees decorating the Mountains and River taking a Snaky path through the base of the mountain range. Such peculiar signs can be seen in the early spring times of Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, United States. Such a beautiful and amazing landscape is gifted with all the incredible forces of nature to keep the beauty of the nature, sustained here in Lamar Valley.

Lamar Valley in Yellowstone – ‘The Serengeti of America’!

A lonely American Bison bull in search of his herd in Lamar Valley in Spring 2013

Ever heard of ‘Serengeti‘? The ‘Serengeti’ is a huge wildlife protected region and endless plains in Tanzania and it is the home for the most species of Terrestrial Wildlife on this planet. It has also been regarded as ‘Serengeti National Park’. The Serengeti is known for it’s phenomenal migration of more than a million of Wildebeests, Zebras and some deer species like Impala, Gazelle and Eland. Wildebeests and Zebras in particular migrate in search of rain and fresh grass all through the year and form a pattern of journey. Their migration is widely depend upon the rainfall pattern. To be precise, the rainfall pattern determines the path of their migration. And this pattern of migration becomes a loop when a cycle of migration ends.

Did u just see a Wildebeest herd in Africa? No it’s not! It’s an American bison herd in Yellowstone

“.. The only living things which look as if they really belonged to it are the Wild Animals. Between the animals and Africa there is an understanding that the human beings have not yet earned ..”
– Laurens van der Post, Venture to the Interior, 1963

The Tiny Moving Dots! Every dot you see out there is a Bison. And that’s a huge herd, widely spread out in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

Lamar Valley has been appropriately designated as ‘Serengeti of America’, as Lamar has got the gift of some incredible shades of Serengeti. The huge herd of bison and wide spread plains of the grasslands – the two treasures of Yellowstone National Park that has primarily helped the valley got this prominent name, ‘Serengeti of America’. If you want to see lots of wildlife at one place in Yellowstone, Lamar Valley should be the first choice you would have to pick in the park.

Lamar Valley is a heavenly home to American Elk, Bison, Wolf, Grizzly Bear and Coyote (Jackal). Elk and Bison can be easily seen but to see other animals like Grizzly Bear and Wolf, your would have to get big help from your luck and patience for sure.

A small herd of bison seen grazing in the backdrop of Snow Capped Mountains and Lamar River

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Nature Photography in Lamar Valley is easy!

The Lamar River flows with elegance in Spring times

A photograph clicked with your eyes closed and keeping your camera at any angle of focus would give you an awesome shot of the nature in the valley. Yeap! You take that from me, a guarantee from my end!

Clicked quite a lot of photographs here with void of self control, void of zooming and void of prime focus on any nature object. I felt crazy as a photographer at that instant and I asked myself “What are you doin’?” I mean.. I would say that’s a trigger of nature from somewhere within me. I guess that kind of any easy photography would explain the pleasing and exquisite nature of Lamar Valley. And I was left wondering about the ever active nature in this valley of Yellowstone National Park.

Subalpine Forests, Bisons, Lamar River and part of the Valley – The Treasures of Lamar!

I just loved the way Lamar Valley has presented me, it’s nature beauty in Spring. I would have loved to see how the valley turns out in other seasons of Summer, Autumn and Winter. But every trip I took during my stay in America was strictly a one time because of time and financial constraints.

When Lamar Valley was pleasing and forcing me with lots of clicks in my camera, the thoughts of ‘Serengeti of Tanzania’ kept running non-stop at the back of mind!

Africa calling?? Ohhh.. Yes! 🙂

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