Sensational Panorama of Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful Geysers

It was an extremely pleasant and poetic morning with cool breeze blowing around and mild fog covering up the subalpine forests, the roadway cliffs and the steep mountains by the side of the beautiful upland highway – the Grand Loop Rd; the unperturbed sounds of the Gibbon River reaching your ears, flowing parallel along the highway when we started off from Norris Geyser Basin. When was the last time you felt, whatever you see on a drive is so poetic, gratifying and heart-warming? The drive to Old Faithful from the areas of Norris Geyser Basin was nothing short of such amazing traits.

A beautiful wooden made walkway over the Geyser Basin at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

The adventurous times we just had in Norris Geyser Basin, kept boggling in my mind throughout our journey of an hour, over 30 miles to Old Faithful to witness the Geysers in action. The vital and foremost attractions, just because visitors flock towards Yellowstone would be for a couple of reasons – Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring. Do a google images search of Grand Prismatic Spring and you would see all stunning and eye-catching pictures that’s going to show you up.

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The Grand Prismatic Spring – ‘The largest hot spring in United States’

Stunning looks of the Grand Prismatic Spring – Photography Credit: @NatGeoPhotos

Imagine a swimming pool that’s measuring more than twice the length of the pool used for swimming events in Olympics or any International Championships. That’s the size of the diameter of this wall-painted-like, Grand Prismatic Spring. The waters in this hot spring is all boiling at all times and it is super-hot to even take a dip with your legs. I would have loved to see Michael Phelps do a 100 m Butterfly style Swim across the gorgeous and colorful Grand Prismatic Spring for a spectacular photography with all the hot vapors engulfing Phelps! 😉  But in this nature pool of hot spring, although you’re the most decorated Olympian of all time having 22 Olympic medals under your belt – That’s not an easy job. Well that’s because of – Come on! – Don’t we all know, why he can’t?! 😉 😉

Amazing wide-angle view of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Photography Credit: Călin Bocian

The Grand Prismatic Spring brings out heavenly layers of colors with the circumference of the spring having the thick shades of brown, yellow and green. The majority of the spring is dominated with blue from outer to the center of the hot spring with all the hot vapors evolving out from the surfaces of the spring. The borders of the spring would give away rays which appears like the tentacles of an Octopus or it may appear like a glowing hot Sun, spreading out heat rays. The hot water spill or overflow from the hot spring leads to the formation or leaving impressions of various look-alike stuffs of nature.

Elegant and Wooden made Walkways over the Geyser Basin

Views of Old Faithful Inn, Subalpine Forests and the Mountains at the backdrop of the Wooden Walkway.

Went for a solo walk through the walk ways over the geyser basin. I have always preferred solo-photography. When I’m solo in a place for photography, it gets me thinking for creative and peculiar angles – especially ‘My Kind’ of angles. It is when I travel with me seeing new places, ‘Mother Nature’ gifts me with some incredible shots. It does give me more time to really feel amazed about the beautiful places of nature. That’s my thought and belief. 🙂

That’s an eye-catching and a small hot spring which is a look-alike of a Jacuzzi.

The surfaces of the Geyser Basin gets pretty much colorful because of the water expelled and spilled from the Geysers and Hot springs in the basin. And when we go over the Geyser Basin area in the walkways, we would be left spellbound looking at the amazing colorful landscapes formed. The walkways also uncovers with stunning and scenic views of the dense subalpine woods, a chain of cliffs and the beautiful view of the nearby Old Faithful Inn.

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Firehole River – ‘The Confluence Point of Geysers’

River Firehole runs through the Geyser Basin area at Old Faithful

Firehole River flows through the Upper Geyser Basin in Old Faithful. The River helps to nullify the hot water eliminated from the Geysers and hot springs in upper geyser basin in Old Faithful. The hot water erupted and expelled from the Geysers form a small stream and joins eventually to the nearby Firehole River or the hot water just spreads over the basin area and it would give some spectacular looks of a colorful pond. As all the erupted waters just flow in to the river from the Geysers in the basin area, the river banks get some colorful stream paths.

Well estimated eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser

A tiny Hot Spring seen in action, dissipating vapors and bubbling out hot water

Go see the estimated time of the next eruption and if you have time, spend some dining times in the Restaurant at Old Faithful Inn which is quite nearby. I saw that the next eruption was like 90 minutes away and hence I went to the Restaurant to tuck in a couple of cheese burgers for the breakfast. Then came back to see the stunning eruption of the Old Faithful Geyser. People aren’t allowed to get closer and a fence has been constructed surrounding the Geyser. The fence would be at least 50 meters away from the Geyser point.

You can go and refer the notice board at the visitor center for the next estimated time for the eruption of the Old Faithful Geyser. The estimations are likely to be well within 45 to 125 minutes – just spot on. And there would be a confirmed eruption happening in this time range. Eruptions last for a maximum of 5 minutes. The one which we saw around 12.40 in the afternoon lasted for nearly 3.5 minutes.

People were all anticipating and counting on the next eruption standing all over by the fenced out limits. You must watch people screaming out with excitement when the Geyser started off its eruption throwing away water like a fountain. The Old Faithful Geyser was like a fountain that just erupts and throws away super hot water from deep inside. I must undoubtedly say that was a fantastic experience.

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Old Faithful Inn

Nice view and way to the Old Faithful Inn and the Restaurant

Had my lunch here again at the Restaurant in Old Faithful Inn. I was fond of proteins in those times as I started putting more meat on me (weight lifting) and hence I went with Red Salmon fish on my plates for the afternoon. The Restaurant at Old Faithful prepared that so well and it was way more than just delicious.

In the mean-time, I tried charging up the couple of drained out batteries for the camera. So I had a close to-60 minute longer lunch to get my batteries charge enough to run for two more days. That’s the longest lunch I have ever had in my 28 years. That’s all because for the love of photography. When you get some good scenery and get to see some rare wildlife animals passing by roads, let’s presume your camera battery drains out by that time! You probably not gonna like it. Trust me, it had happened to me once when I was trying to get a closer shot of a Dragon Fly in the banks of River Cauvery in my hometown Trichy, India.

Old Faithful Inn seen across the Old Faithful Geyser point and a small stream nearby.

We had no plans for the stay at Old Faithful Inn for the night. We did ask about the rates for the stay at Old Faithful Inn and you know I’ve never liked the rates of the hotels all over in United States. We continued with our next plans of the spring trip in 2013. After we were pretty much done with the hot attractions of nature in spectacular Yellowstone National Park on a May afternoon, we next headed for the staggering views of the adjacent and magnificent Grand Teton National Park. 🙂

Where and when have you seen Geysers and Hot Springs in action lately?

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