Wondrous, Breathtaking and Striking Views of Grand Teton National Park

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
Took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.’ – The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost.

Trust Me. You just sit down out there at any place for a moment and you can be a poet all by yourself, just by looking at the dazzling beauty, harmonious serenity and the breathtaking views you’re thrown at by the nature here in Grand Teton National Park.

Done with the Oxbow Bend Turnout, what I call the most beautiful place I’ve seen all my life. And we turned up next for the Signal Mountain. Went up the Signal Mountain and at 7593 feet, we were fortunate to see some of the phenomenal views of the Teton Mountains, Curved paths of the Snake River, a small herd of Elk and Mule deer grazing around at the mountain base valley. We were fortunate to get to this mountain, as we had no plans to get to the peak of it. Just like that we took the diversion to this mountain on the way to Mormon Row Historic District, an attraction in Grand Teton National Park. Possibly, we would have missed this in our trip.

Signal Mountain – Renders some Staggering Views of Grand Teton National Park.

The Teton Mountains with Mount Moran, the tallest peak and Jackson Lake lies beneath – A grand view from the Signal Mountain.

As a visitor to this park, never miss the astonishing views that you would get from the peak of this signal mountain. We witnessed that amazing widespread nature with Mountains, Cliffs, Trees, Rivers, Blue Sky, Dynamic clouds and the nature just looked endless at horizon in all the 360 degrees. Mount Moran and the close-by cliffs; Jackson Lake were clearly seen from the Signal Mountain.

The incredible view of the spring-green look of the Mountain Base Valley seen from the peak of the Signal Mountain.
The Big Blue Sky, the Curvy Snake River and the Mountains meeting up the horizons all over – Yet another beautiful view from Signal Mountain!

At one end of the peak, we could see the Snake river taking a beautiful curved path through the valley, sub alpine forests, Mountains and Cliff base.  And at one farthest point, it looked like Snake River almost heading for the horizon. And at other end of the peak, we saw the staggering view of the Jackson Lake which was quite rampant with tiny and beautiful islands in the lake itself and the Teton Mountains with elegant snow-clad attire. You can see the peaks of the Teton mountains which were embraced by the dynamic white clouds moving.

Take this one from me. Yes! You would never want to miss out this attraction for sure in your trip to Grand Teton National ParkAfter all we’re pretty much glad that we made it to the peak of this Signal Mountain. Again I insist that we were fortunate and gifted to have this visited in our trip.

Jackson Lake Dam and it’s Spectacular Surroundings

Mount Moran and the other Teton peaks seen from the Jackson Lake Dam.
55 mm Zoomed-in-angle view of the Snow dressed up mountains from the Jackson Lake Dam.

Snow and Ice melt-down from the Teton mountains in Spring does confluence in Jackson Lake. We came to see this beautiful place after the stunning Oxbow Bend Turnout. One can witness some incredible views of Mount Moran, Thor Peak and the other Tetons, here from the Jackson Lake Dam. We walked across the Dam and saw the water from the Jackson Lake gushing out on the other side emerging as Snake River.

Mount Moran and the adjacent peak seen from the Jackson Lake Dam.
Early Spring look of the Teton Mountains from the Jackson Lake Dam.
The gushed out water from the outlet of the Jackson Lake Dam and thus forming the beautiful Snake River.
A solo Pelican seems quite busy scanning the Snake River for fishes for the supper.

Me and my colleague went ahead for the starting point of Snake River and we saw one solo Pelican taking a swim at this point trying to catch the fishes. That’s a great place for the anglers to get their job done pretty quickly out there in the river banks close to the outlet of the Dam.

Mormon Row Historic District – Captivating views left us Spellbound.

The John Moulton Barn at the stunning backdrop of the majestic Grand Teton.
A proud backyard of the mighty Grand Teton and other Teton peaks for the two little huts out there.

We came to see this beautiful place after the Jackson Lake Dam. All the huge peaks of the park and Teton Mountains like Grand Teton, Mount Owen, Middle Teton and South Teton were clearly visible and looked gigantic from this location of the park. It was just this one hut, out there in the middle of the huge area beside the Teton Mountains. Lots of Bison were seen grazing around. And I must definitely say this is the best view point to see the mighty Grand Teton Mountain and it looked just monumental, elegant and completely withholding.

A wonderful stretch of the Teton Mountains captured in the Mormon Row Historic District.
Couldn’t be better! Parking your Car (2014 Nissan Altima S) at the backdrop of the Teton Mountains.

Seeing the peak of the Grand Teton and seeing the adjacent mountains might give you a reflection of the Mount Everest. As it was the early spring times when we visited Grand Teton, the Teton mountains were all dressed up sensational with Snow. Never had the interest or inspiration to do hiking in Mount Everest or even to do hiking in other huge mountains but just definitely love to have some deeply dwelt-in moments, looking over the mighty mountains by standing at one point gives that incredible feel of relishing the beauty of the mountains. And I guess, I’m a Mountain loving Person. Ohhh yes! You got it right.

And you can see the pine tress up to some altitude of the mountains and from there it was just rocks up to the peak of the mountains. We can see similar nature phenomena in all the mountainous regions. This is because of the altitude which doesn’t support Oxygen availability.

Elk Ranch Flats Turnout

Food and Playing grounds for the bison herd out here in Elk Ranch; Looked calm and serene.

After the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, we saw a Bison herd here at Elk Ranch. Not that much but quite a number. Lamar Valley had a sea of bison. That was overflowing, just numerous out there!

It was just bison herd all you can see in the green plain fields. Bison herd graze so close to the roads and it was much easier for us by being in the car to take some quick photographs of the Elk Ranch with huge herd of Bison all over. That was so pleasant, to get that place and view summarized.

Sweeping view of the Elk Ranch Flats – Home for a huge bison herd.

Headed for Rocky Mountains, Colorado from the beautiful Grand Teton in Wyoming.

Never say that you missed out visiting Tetons after your visit to Yellowstone National Park. Usually Yellowstone pulls the visitors towards it because of its famous attractions namely Africa look-alike Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot SpringsGrand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful Geysers. That’s absolutely the fact and I’m not denying that. But if you have come this far to see Yellowstone, get some time to reach out for the nature beauty of Grand Teton National Park. You would feel delighted after you visit to Grand Teton and you would be pretty much amazed, having made that wise decision.

Spot Light Moment for the Car, we traveled by! – On the highway US-26, on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

6 Attractions you’d never want to miss in your trip to Grand Teton National Park.

  1. Jackson Lake Overview
  2. Oxbow Bend Turnout
  3. Signal Mountain Peak
  4. Jackson Lake Dam
  5. Mormon Row Historic District
  6. Elk Ranch Flats Turnout
Adjacent to highway US-26, we did a short halt to capture this beautiful piece of land in Wyoming.

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but it is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy.

When was the last time, you felt that way?


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    1. Ohh yes! That’s the most preferred 😉 I’m very much glad that you got inspired by my photography! You please go ahead with publishing on your blog. It’s a pretty good news for me and that would be great. If you need any such photos in the way ahead, you can always ask me Laine 🙂 🙂 :-).

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  1. Grand Teton National Park is my favorite NP of the dozens I’ve visited! We were there in 2010, and a highlight for me was breakfast at Jackson Lake Lodge, followed by a hike to Inspiration Point. What majesty!

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  2. Oh my God! Breathtaking paradise. Nature is truly an artist. You are living the life I’ve always wanted, just get in a car and drive away to blend in with Nature and discover the most beautifully astonishing spot. So while you’re enjoying my dream, I will live it through your blog; your awesome pictures. Keep up the good work!

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    1. It is breathtaking, literally! Nature is just spectacular out there in Wyoming. That’s my favorite in all the places I have visited so far. Nature and Beauty just overflows together blended. I’m very much honored that you say that I’m living the life you’ve always asked for. Glad to hear that from you. It’s amazing that you’re greatly enjoying my blog. Much appreciated. 🙂

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    1. Awesome! Good to know u guys love it. So we’re! That’s a great addiction that we shouldn’t wanna worry about. Taking Trips gonna be the only medicine! 😀 😀 Get to see real and I don’t know what you will say! 😉 😉

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    1. Loads of thanks Shweta. Places are a million times beautiful than these photos. Grand Teton is a heaven across all the four seasons. Very much glad for your follow, visit and commenting on posts. Would love to have your visits often. Thanks again girl. 🙂

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