Go to the Magnificent Colorado, Fall in love with the Majestic Rocky Mountains!

“Then something woke up inside Him,
And He wished to go and see the Great Mountains,
And hear the Pine Trees,
And the Waterfalls,
And Explore the Caves,
And wear a Sword
Instead of a Walking Stick.” – R.R. Tolkien.

Ohh yes! He took a Sword but We took our Car to reach out for the Rocky Mountains of the United States. 😉 😉

Lily Lake! Love the calm air of solitude? This is the place!

We stopped by the beautiful Lily Lake in the small city Estes Park in Colorado, prior heading out for the mountains. This lake was a real beauty with calm ambience all around. It was just splendid to just look at the blue sky and the mountains ahead of the lake. That was real scenic. When you’re a solo traveler and love the calm air of solitude, I have to say that’s your place. All the visitors did head for the Rocky Mountains up the Trail Ridge Road and very few people showed up at this beautiful lake.

Shouldn’t be forgotten. A must visit place!

Lily Lake Overlook! – Wonderful sights around this calm and peaceful lake in Estes Park, Colorado!
The Reflections! – The reflections over the unperturbed water surface of the Lily Lake is absolutely phenomenal!

Beaver Meadows Visitor Center

Got all the directions and recommended attractions with the very kind guidance of some good people from this visitor center. This center is open year-round and located exactly 3 miles from the city Estes Park, Colorado. I have to say that this is the highly recommended way of entering and embracing the complete elegance of Rocky Mountain National Park all the way through the Trail Ridge Road.

At the Park Entrance of Beaver Meadows Visitor Center in Estes Park, Colorado.

Trail Ridge Road

The excellent scenic byway which gets you to the most visited attractions and the phenomenal places of Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road (U.S. Highway 34) actually starts from the city Estes Park and ends at Grand Lake Entrance which is on the other side of the national park. As this scenic highway runs mostly on the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it remains closed for the Winter and gets opened in the early Spring if weather permits.

The beauty of this road is that it gets you to different altitudes of the Rocky Mountains, Forest Canyon, Kawuneeche Valley, Timber Creek and much more picturesque places of this stunning national park.

That’s a magnificent pull-out spot to stop and see those sensational snowy mountains around in Trail Ridge Road.
Bird’s eye view from a pull-out of the Trail Ridge Road (U.S. Highway 34) down the mountains , the way we drove up.
It’s all Snowplowed throughout the Trail Ridge Road over the Rocky Mountains.

Forest Canyon Overlook

I have to explain something really extra-ordinary about this extra-ordinary place in the Rocky Mountains. Forest Canyon is all loaded with Rockies and Snow as we visited the park in the early Spring times. To my surprise we didn’t see trees out there because of higher altitudes over the mountains which were all above 11,500 ft. And yes.. It was all just the mountains and snow at such altitudes.

The moving grey and slight gloomy clouds embracing the snowy Rocky Mountains was truly a delightful sight at this Forest Canyon Overlook. I don’t have to say that this is a must visit place; When you get there, you would stop and search a slot for parking your car for sure. 🙂

At an elevation of 11,640 ft., that’s an overlook of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
Forest Canyon Overlook; A gripping view of the all snowed place of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
The Canyon Slopes! It’s all snow sprayed here at the Forest Canyon Overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Trail Ridge Road making way through the Snowed Rockies region of the Forest Canyon.
The Fact Board at the Forest Canyon Overlook conveying the altitudes of the surrounding peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Sneaking view of the Cow Moose and its Calf in the Alpine Woods

It was completely crowded at one spot in the Trail Ridge Road closeby the alpine woods. That was near the Timber Creek. We stopped there and took our cameras out faster irrespective of knowing what’s really happening. But we were thinking may be that could be a Bear sighting. To our surprise, it’s a cow Moose and it’s calf sharing some gentle moments in the alpine woods, grazing. That was an incredible sight.

A wonderful scene of a Moose cow and it’s calf in the woods; That was a sneaking view from the Trail Ridge Road 🙂

Grand Lake, Nearby Kawuneeche Visitor Center.

We could see lots of people have houses here by the Grand Lake and quite a few restaurants as well. This one almost looks like a beautiful residential area. The Grand Lake by this Shadow Mountain was a real beauty.

At Holzwarth Historic Site; A grand view of the Grand Lake and the alpine filled Shadow Mountain.

Close to all frozen, Lake Irene!

Lake Irene looked pretty and magical with the backdrop of clouds giving a divine color mix of blue and grey. That was early spring, when this gorgeous lake looked close to all frozen state. I was literally thinkingHow this would look like in the peak winter times?… Heavenly?.. May be!..”

The stunning Lake Irene close to all frozen state is by the side of the Trail Ridge Road; Nearby Milner Pass.

Sheep Lakes Information Station

This is one Visitor Center which is completely surrounded by the Alpine forest and the Rocky Mountains. Such an incredible place, which remains open only through Summer. This is located 1.8 miles from the Fall River Entrance of the park on Trail Ridge Road in Horseshoe park.

The Visitor Center, Sheep Lakes Information Station is all surrounded by the Alpine Trees and Rocky Mountains.

Bear Lake

Just a couple of words I chose for this spectacular lake. Peaceful Isolation. Yeah 🙂

I just loved this place, Bear Lake! Such a phenomenal ambiance around here with unbelievably peaceful isolation.

Elks and their Spring Antlers!

Snow-clad Mountains, Alpine Forest Range, Green Valley and finally the big deer animals, the Elks. Wonderful sight. Yes! The nature was magnificent out here in the park. Colorado was beautiful and sensational. 🙂

An Elk herd with their Spring Antlers at the backdrop of the Snowy Rockies.
This is how I see it! Elks; Grass plains; Alpine Forest; The Rocky Mountains. Incredible Nature. Incredible Colorado.

Moraine Park Discovery Center

The last place we visited in Rocky Mountain National Park. And from this spot, you have to see this place in real. It had interactive displays on the geology of the park and how it was formed. There are also exhibits on the animals in the park. Quite an interesting one. This is quite close to the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center and the beautiful road to Bear Lake is connected from here.

A beautiful view of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains from the Moraine Park Discovery Center.

We’re all drawn to different places, and I’ve always been mountain girl. I think of them all day, and sometimes ask myself it’s a little less dangerous and perhaps more sustainable to find absolute ecstatic bliss by falling madly in love with landscapes rather than people as it’s also immensely grounding in every sense of the word? I want to explore them, sleep inside the heat and cold of them, experience all their seasons, share their crooked, winding, wild paths, and grow with them alongside me. They’ve always felt like gorgeous, undeniable mystery and home all at once. The Mountains.”       – Victoria Erickson.

It can’t be explained more about one’s strong bond towards the mountains? That’s it. She just summed it up all and everything possible. I admire her words. And I see myself in her words; Truly and passionately! I’m without doubts, a mountain guy.

Would love to hear from you. Are you a mountain person? 🙂


53 thoughts on “Go to the Magnificent Colorado, Fall in love with the Majestic Rocky Mountains!

  1. Your photos are amazing and I so am a mountain person! When I was 18 I went to work for Save the Children in a village half way up a mountain in Bolivia. There was no electricity, alarmingly friendly tarantulas and you could walk up to the top of the mountain every day and see a puma or a jaguar. It was amazing, and amazingly spiritual and even though something very bad almost happened to me there I was so happy. Thanks for liking my post on bloginhotpants.com I hope you come back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Big Thanks for your very kind appreciation on photos. And I’m glad to know you’re just like me, the mountain person. That’s awesome!! That’s a great story of u in Bolivia, very gripping and inspiring. Inspite of Jaguars and Pumas presence, climbing up the mountains is truly inspiring. Credits to you. I’m very much glad you had such wonderful times in Bolivia. Always passionate to hear such thrilling and inspiring stories from travelers like you. I’m happier that you have shared your story with me. That’s amazing. I will definitely have an eye on your blog always. Would love to hear more from you. Glad you liked my post and appreciate your time and kind comments on my blog. Big Thanks again!!!!!! 🙂


    1. WOW! Awesome!! That’s going to phenomenal for you, that’s for sure. Visual treat of the Rockies Nature is assured. Tons of good luck with your trip Samantha. Have seen Rockies of the U.S. but I’m really looking forward to your photos of the Canadian Rockies. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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