Sundown Showers and Thunders sets up Twilight Serenity in Pottawatomie County.

“Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery.

You see how romantic that was?! Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star. Stunning Twilight times certainly does that. It sets up the romantic tone, so elegantly. 

It’s the time when the showers just came to a halt. Even when the window curtains were all down, you get that feeling someone has lit up the atmosphere with a sensational light mix outside of the house. From being in the living room, I could sense that and literally see that. It got me smell something extra-ordinary was really happening out. Then I went near the windows and rolled up the curtains. And that’s the beginning of Twilight Serenity.

That’s when the skies were getting painted in pale yellow all over gradually. All this started happening right after the showers stopped; which was around 8.45 in the sundown times of early Summer and lasted for like 30 mins or so. To be quite honest, those times were like being in heaven. When I say something heaven, that’s truly Heaven.

The all painted Henry Drive in the small town of Wamego in Kansas, USA.

Scattering patterns of pale yellow sunrays

Every second the time passed by, the colors in the sky were added with bits and shades of Red and Orange colors with pale yellow which already prevails in the twilight skies. When clouds do this magic of scattering out the lights and rays from the sun, its always wonderful to just hold your ground and keep witnessing this miracle happening. The pattern of spreading out the pale yellow rays kept changing for every couple of seconds. And capturing those moments in the twilight times was a real pleasure.



Parking Lot of the Apartment Complex turned Stunning

I have never seen the skies this beautiful, all my life. Absolutely never, until the skies geared up everything possible and came up this way. I didn’t want to miss these incredible color mix of the skies and hence I was just busy capturing these sensational moments with my camera.

You know what?! I have parked my car in this parking lot of this Apartment complex in Henry Drive for almost 15 months; but I have never seen the parking lot, this beautiful. That was an inspiring show performed by the skies in those terrific twilight times. An absolute glory of nature. 🙂




Exploring photographic senses with a Red Umbrella

I didn’t want to waste any of these unbelievable lighting lit up the skies; I rushed in to my apartment and got this Red Umbrella out. With the reflections and colors of the skies, this road (Henry Dr) was looking awesome and I thought of placing this umbrella in the middle of the road and get some good pictures out of it. And the photograph you see right below is of no difference and that’s just exactly matching my idea. I tried out taking few more shots as well, out of this red umbrella by placing it in various spots in and around the parking lot of the apartment complex.





Clouds kept moving, forming and deforming.

The clouds were all super dynamic after the showers. At one place of the sky, the clouds looked all gathering and highly concentrated. For a second, it looked like the formation of a Tornado. But after 5 mins of time everything disappeared and the sky became all cloudless. Clouds kept moving, forming and deforming. The northern skies looked fabulous with the reflections thrown by the Twilight skies from the western end of apartment complex. 🙂


The Lamp Post

Everything looked amazing in those stunning Twilight skies. And this Lamp Post is of no exception. 😉




When clouds branch out Lightnings…

Clouds started branching out lightnings, right after when twilight did fade way and the sun was completely down. I tried several clicks of trying really hard to get the lightning on frame.  It was quite difficult to turn your camera angles very often and get that one shot of the lightning on frame. I somehow managed to get this shot which is right below, after 120 attempts. Ohh yes..! I remember those determined 120 clicks and the one which got the lightning on frame. 🙂



My story of Twilight Serenity happened in the small town of Wamego, Kansas in the United States. What’s your best story of the Twilight Times? 😉 🙂


17 thoughts on “Sundown Showers and Thunders sets up Twilight Serenity in Pottawatomie County.

  1. This is effing beautiful. At first I thought it was some wallpaper pics. 😛 So dreamy these are, pulling me into a state of bliss, transporting me into a state of calmness and serenity. Lovely work.

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