Stunning Scripts of the Elegant Autumn; Stays all Sparkling with Vibrant Colors!

“Fall has been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if Nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” – Lauren DeStefano.

The scripts written every time by Autumn all over the grass, plants, trees, streets and roads would never be short of colors and it would always be shining and glittering. Welcome to Autumn! Welcome to the Colors of Beauty, Sparkles and Happiness!!

When summer is getting over and everyone knows Autumn is going to knock the door pretty soon. And when it does, it brings all possible beauty with it and when the door is opened, the Autumn presents you with beautiful and vibrant colors all around. Autumn is the only season when each and every leaf in the trees turns out to be a flower and that sort of nature is incredibly astounding. When it’s autumn and either you’re in the streets, village, city or mountains – Autumn always treats you awesome with its beautiful colors and that’s amazing. Autumn not just brings beauty with its colors, it also brings that cool breeze and pleasant air with it. The elegance of Autumn is not just when the colorful leaves are on trees; Autumn also adds a different flavor of beauty when the fallen leaves got spread out all over the grass and roads. That’s beauty as well. 🙂

An SUV making its way through the Columbian Rd in Wamego, Kansas.

When you were longing for years and got to know about the beauty of Autumn only from the Movies and Scenery Wallpapers; And when time arrives right in front of you, that is when I would like to feel the nature in a way that no one would have felt. You know, this is what I did. Took a ride by my bicycle to the nearby Columbian Road from Henry Drive  in Wamego and got myself to where the trees were so dense. Then I felt the nature this different way.

“Just look at those leaves, trees and colors with intense love; Close your eyes, Spread your arms and take that deep breath which reaches the bottom of your lungs. And I know pretty well that I’m not sitting in front of a Doctor pressing the Stethoscope on my chest. You know this is all like, taking all the beauty of Autumn with your strong breath and applying the beauty of Autumn in your blood and the beauty of Autumn shall start flowing in your blood stream.” – Karmughil Vannan.

That is my way of feeling the nature (autumn) and let the beauty of nature prevail in your soul for sometime by doing that way. That sort of feeling the nature is just exciting and may be the word ‘Breathtaking’ must have originated from my way of feeling the nature. Yeah.. May be! 😉 😉

My Bicycle in the backdrop of Autumn Colors.

That was a shiny afternoon with Fall Colors on a late October in Wamego in 2012. Took out my bicycle and got my camera bag strapped across my shoulders and started taking a ride through the streets of Wamego. Remember irrespective of whether you travel by Motorcycle or Car or Bicycle or by Walk, Autumn Colors are always amazing. When you’re asking for a beautiful place on earth and when you ask that question in the season of Autumn, go and see where the trees are and that’s going to be beautiful for sure in Autumn.

The times of seeing Autumn on just wallpapers are gone and it is the time to capture the autumn live and make your own photographs of autumn as your wallpapers. I’m pretty much glad it happened that way for me. Making my own photography as the wallpapers and screen savers on my Laptop and Mobile phone is a real pleasure and remember that’s an absolute joy to see your own photography looks very impressive to yourself. Ever felt that way? Go get a Camera! 😉

My Boy! My bicycle in the elegant backyard of Autumn.
Saying Hello! My boy says ‘Hello’ from Wamego to all of you Readers. 🙂
Took some rest up the hill in Columbian Rd.

River fronts of Kansas River stay Vibrant with Fall Colors.

For sure, can’t beat the view of the River fronts of Kansas River in Autumn. The river banks of Kansas was all lined up with trees all through. And if that’s the season of Autumn, you would already be presuming how beautiful it would be with all the fall colors on the trees. I was instantly impressed and amazed by the very first look of the river and river fronts in Autumn.

It was so elegant to see the reflections of the fall colors from either side of the river banks. As this was Autumn, water flow in the river wasn’t that much and the water level in the river was bit low which means you can pretty much see the patches of sands of the river bed. But the colors of Autumn you see were not in patches but they were all through the river fronts on either side. All of the colorful leaves were on Swan Song times for sure.

Sneaking view of River Kansas with Autumn Colors!
Riverbed of Kansas River seen from the Riverfront.
View of either of the Riverfront and the curved river path all through.
All through the end! Autumn all through the river.
Riverfront! River Kansas lined up with beautiful colors in Autumn.
Beautiful Reflections! Autumn Colors on River Kansas.
Highway KS 99 making its way over the River Kansas in Wamego, Kansas.
River Kansas seen from the river bridge of Highway KS 99.

The Beautiful Columbian Rd in Wamego.

“Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, And if were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – George Eliot.

Autumn Colors definitely looks delicious. And I would have to tell you that Columbian Rd is the best place to see the fall colors in Wamego. Not sure if there were some better places than this beautiful road in the town. But I really really enjoyed the fall colors here, I absolutely loved it and this place would be my best pick. I can’t forget the moments of me photographing this beautiful road, fall colors and my bicycle. Always I can take some of my beautiful moments of being solo from this season of Autumn. 🙂

The pretty Columbian Rd! My best pick in Wamego to see Fall Colors.
Columbian Rd looks quite shining on a late afternoon in early October.
Lovely Shades of the Columbian Rd.

Autumn – Stopped by the streets of Wamego.

Wamego is such a small town but with quite some beauty of nature tagged to it. When you see such a town where Autumn is stopping by, you know it gets pretty. I love this town and I have never regret a moment having lived here for almost 15 months. The streets of Wamego were elegantly personified at the times of Autumn. I loved cycling through the streets of Wamego in all the four seasons but cycling in the streets of Wamego in the Autumn times always stay special and you know the reason pretty well.

A beautiful street in the heart of the small town, Wamego.
One Rare Maple Tree! Gives out Crimson Red, Pale Green and Pale Yellow combo of colors. Amazing!!
A Flat-Bird’s Eye view of the Residential Flats of Wamego!

Autumn gearing up in the Kansas Capital, Wichita.

When you get that first taste of a flavor something great, how would you feel? That’s how I got the taste of Autumn flavor for the very first time in my life and that happened in the Kansas Capital, Wichita. And you know when Autumn was gearing up in the early October 2012, I was there.  I didn’t know Autumn would be this cool and beautiful. Couldn’t be happier!

The Fallen Leaves in Wichita Botanical Gardens, Wichita.
A small but beautiful pond in Wichita Botanical Gardens.
An empty street nearby the Downtown of the capital city, Wichita.

Autumn not just brings beauty with its colors, it also brings that cool breeze and pleasant air with it. The elegance of Autumn is not just when the colorful leaves are on trees; Autumn also adds a different flavor of beauty when the fallen leaves got spread out all over the grass and roads. That’s beauty as well. 🙂

What comes to your mind when you think of Autumn (Fall) and it’s Charming Colors? Would love to hear. Tell me your story! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Stunning Scripts of the Elegant Autumn; Stays all Sparkling with Vibrant Colors!

    1. Ohh yes! Nature is truly amazing with Fall. It triggers the vibrant and beautiful colors from the green leaves. How wondrous it is. Very much glad you enjoyed the post. I’m very thankful for your frequent visits. I’m glad. 🙂
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    1. Awesome. Glad you’re inspired. Sure I do. I’m sure you have a wonderful blog of yours. You got a real good one. Looking forward to read more of your posts in the way forward. Happy you found my blog and I’m all active to keep you guys inspired with the content and photography. 🙂


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