Pottawatomie State Lake! – An unique place of solitude I was in love with, all four seasons.

Such a serene elegance and I could sense a soul of calmness all around. It was absolutely solitude driven. The lakefront were wonderfully lined up with trees which adds beauty to the lake and to see the shadows of trees over the lake surface was a real stunning sight. And the name of this beautiful piece of nature is Pottawatomie State Lake.

“The man who goes alone can start today, but who he travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau.

ELEGANCE PERSONIFIED! Elegance is absolutely personified in Pottawatomie State Lake, Kansas, USA.

Season 1: Pottawatomie State Lake in Fall.

The very first time I visited this stunning and beautiful lake was in Fall 2012. This lake is situated by the state highway KS 99 which is around 20 miles from the town of Wamego in Kansas. When I visited, the sky and lake were beyond beautiful. An unbeatable beauty when everything were started looking dry in Fall. The mix of Pine trees and other naked trees by the lakeside did spice up a different flavor of attraction as well.

CORDIAL WELCOME! Pottawatomie State Lake No.1 welcomes you. 🙂
THAT’S ONE BEAUTIFUL LAKE! Pottawatomie State Lake No. 1 nearby the Town of Westmoreland in Kansas.
SYMMETRICAL! Real vs Mirror Image.
NORTHERN END! View of the lake from the northern end of Pottawatomie County State Park # 1.
BEAUTIFUL BACKDROP!! Pottawatomie State Lake and Big Blue Sky serves as a backdrop for the Altima. 🙂
FROM OTHER SHOULDER! The Lake and Altima were focused from the other shoulder of the highway KS 99.
EDIBLE?! What’s the name of this fruit? Can someone help me? Looked edible but I didn’t eat! That was in the lakefront.
FISHING BOARD! It was pretty much cold in late November and no one out there for fishing in the lake.

Season 2: Pottawatomie State Lake in Winter.

2012 was the year which helped me see the first snow fall of my life and it happened in the month of December in Wamego, Kansas.  It was the first time ever I took the car out for a long drive in the snow drenched and snow plowed roads. And I made it to this solitude packed lake. Visiting such a stunning lake and to see this grace of nature in winter was a real blessing.

Seeing everything snow drenched and snow coated all around was a fantastic experience while you go for a long drive in winter. Although winter gets harsh at times and bites our skin ruthless, it does glitter in its own beauty.

THE WINTER BLISS! Visiting such a solitude packed lake in winter was a personified blessing.
SNOW PLOWED and SNOW SHED ! Highway KS 99 was all snow plowed but the Lake and Altima were left snow shed.
SNOW COATED! Pottawatomie State Lake was left almost snow coated completely.

Season 3: Pottawatomie State Lake in Spring.

When I visited this lake for the very first time in Fall 2012, I decided myself that I should somehow make a visit here at least once in every season; To see the difference in beauty of this lake and to photograph the uniqueness of the seasons.

The lake was unbelievably beautiful in every season in its own way. To see all the naked trees started giving out fresh and pale green leaves in Spring was a real happiness and to see them beside this pretty lake was a special gift, I would have to say.

FROM THE HILL! Sneaking and beautiful view of the lake in Spring from the hill.
FAVORITE ANGLE! This angle of the lake is my favorite of all the four seasons.

Season 4: Pottawatomie State Lake in Summer.

When summer gets to full swing, you see lots of cars on road, lots of people taking trips, lots of people in the camping grounds, lots of people do fishing and lot more fun activities going around all over. You know, the roads and the country gets busy. This beautiful lake is of no exception. People enjoy angling for fishes here in this lake in summer, especially the kids.

The plants, trees, bushes, herbs, lake waters, lakefront and everything looks amazing in the sunshine of summer nearby this lake. Get here in summer, park your car under a tree somewhere closer to the lake, roll down all the windows, play some soft music of melodious Tamil songs and get that deep breath of fresh air breezing around. That’s peace, that’s happiness and that’s the pleasure of solitude which I thoroughly enjoyed.

SUMMER TIMES! Kids enjoy angling for fishes in the lake.
SIGNS OF SUMMER! When you see people like that in this lake, it is Summer for sure.

There is a saying from an anonymous person which says, “I don’t travel alone to get away from anyone, I travel alone to get closer to me.” That just fits 100% to me. 🙂

Which is that one place you are mad about in all the four seasons of a year?


32 thoughts on “Pottawatomie State Lake! – An unique place of solitude I was in love with, all four seasons.

  1. This is such a perfect post on the lake. Covering all the seasons at a place gives so much depth into the beauty of the place!

    I was in California last 10 days driving around…and covered Lake Tahoe also. It was so blissful seeing it…just perfect mirror seeing the mountains in the lake!
    My favorite would be New Hampshire to see all 4 seasons (been there in fall and covered it in a post last year).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loads of thanks on your humble comments on this post. Such words means a lot. I have heard about Lake Tahoe. Must have been a splendid experience for sure. New Hampshire? Yeah.. North Eastern states must be really good to see all the four seasons.

      I very much appreciate your time and comments on my blog. Great to have you here. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. After reading this, I envy you.
    You effortlessly visited a figment of Heaven . And we dwelled in the chaotic hell of the cities…
    Anyways, this is as Beautiful and breathtaking as your other posts. Keep this up, and continue inspiring me 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing place! When I think of Kansas, I think of dust and flat lands. Thanks so much for showing another side of this state. I also like the photos of the cars against the incredible scenery– you’ve had similar photos, so you must also be a car enthusiast?

    Liked by 1 person

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