On the Road Again! My Trip to the state of Texas with my Colleagues.

When we were on with the official trip to Texas covering the Caterpillar Manufacturing facilities in the cities of Waco and Victoria, We ripped apart the cities of Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Galveston and South Padre Island in Texas. 

Arkansas Trip_2E
Road Map of our grand trip to Texas in March 2013.

Here’s our road map of our trip to Texas. It was snowing (2-3 inch) last night in Wamego, Kansas when we had to start our trip the next day morning in March 2013. Even in the morning, the roads were all snow drenched although the roads were at enough snow plowed conditions. When we were ready to start our trip, Brian visited our apartment in Wamego and there was a discussion on safety about the drive and travel.

Brian said, “Are you guys confident of driving in snow? In case of anything bad that happens in driving, then we’re calling off this trip.” And we totally agreed with what he said. It was really cold that morning when we started this trip to Texas. To be in contact on the roads, Brian gave us walkie-talkies. So we had one walkie-talkie in all the three cars. It was real fun talking through the transceivers that we had while driving. 😉 🙂

The Texas Crew strength was Eight (Brian, Myself, Pavan, Naveen, Visva & Spouse and Ajith & Spouse). We driven through Kansas all slow but when we reached southern Kansas, the roads were all pretty good for the drive. It was all through the state of Oklahoma to Texas. 🙂

Waco, Texas

Washington Avenue Bridge in Waco, Texas.

The two cities – Waco and Victoria were the reasons for the trip to Texas. We did the visiting to the two cities to do an official visit to the Construction Machines & Tools manufacturing facilities of Caterpillar Inc. to touch base the fundamentals and to see the real grounds of manufacturing and planning cycles in the shop floors. We have to say a real big thanks to my boss at onsite, Brian Fosen and without him this trip wouldn’t have happened. He definitely pulled this off in the tough times when Caterpillar was doing all possible cost cutting measures like floating lay offs, many project withdrawals and quite a few cost-restructuring stuffs.

Read+ – Circumnavigating the State of Texas! And the Trip started with the City of Waco.

Victoria, Texas – An unforgettable belly bloating lunch!

All we colleagues headed next for Victoria to visit the Caterpillar Facility which manufactures Hydraulic Excavators and to see two of our colleagues (Sathish and Ezhilan) who were deputed for training in that facility. We all had a big lunch at Sathish’s house in Victoria. That lunch can’t be easily forgotten ever. After that lunch my stomach was like going to explode and I just ran outside of the house and took some deep breath and there was still more pampering requests from my colleagues to have some more food.

The foods were prepared awesome and it was kept all over the table with delicious stuffs. It was harder to control. It was fun eating like that and getting your belly bloated that way. But you know, that can’t be fun all the time, not at all. That was way too heavy! 😉 😀

Austin, Texas

The capital city of Texas was great. I was really impressed with the highways and bridges in Austin. Lots of bridges throughout and this is such a beautiful city of parks and lakes. Austin is such a wonderfully planned city with beautiful uphill and downhill streets, phenomenal highways and flyovers for the busy transportation.

We (The Texas Crew) visited a Hindu Temple here in Austin on a morning.

That’s Me at the Hindu Temple in Austin, Texas.
The Texas Crew! At the backyard of the temple.
National Bird of India in Texas! Quite a few peafowls were seen in the temple premises.
Clockwise – Pavan, Brian and Naveen.

The Texas Crew headed next for the Factory Outlet Mall in the city of Austin.

Pavan likes Mercedez Benz which was on sale in the Factory Outlet Mall in Austin, Texas.
On Discussion! Where to head next in Austin?! 🙂
Ajith and his spouse at the Factory Outlet Mall.
Visva, his spouse and Brian at the Factory Outlet Mall.

After that, we three former bachelors (Me, Pavan and Naveen) of the Texas crew decided to make our quick way to the much spoken 6th St and meanwhile the two couples of the Texas Crew stayed in the hotel. And prior doing 6th St, we went to the campus of University of Texas here in Austin. It was a great atmosphere out there to see the students vibrant in the campus. The students in the campus were so vibrant with lots of varied groups of reading, music, games, chatting and having fun. The campus of University of Texas was ultra beautiful.

We came back from the university campus and roamed around the 6th Street of Austin looking for partying somewhere. Got in to one mini pub, me and one other colleague of mine grabbed a tin beer and we were just having good times of watching people. We left the 6th st after some 30 mins or so and got back to our hotel. It was just a beer that night! 😉 🙂

Galveston, Texas

We visited Galveston on a beautiful sunny March afternoon. It was a great atmosphere with lots of people all along the beach, people taking walks and cycling in the beautiful sea view road. It was absolutely a fun, roaming in the beach town of Galveston.

Galveston is a wonderful beach town. The town has some beautiful attractions like long stretch of incredible coastline, a long and an amazing sea view road, lots of sea view restaurants and quite a few fun filled piers with lots of entertainment possible.

A beautiful highway all along the coastline in the town of Galveston.
Bicycling and Walking in the Sea Walk – An absolute pleasure doing it here.
Galveston Beach! People taking sun baths and surfing in the beach.

Houston, Texas

NASA Johnson Space Center – A tour! – Tried to be scientists and astronauts for some time. 😉

All of a sudden after entering the space center premises, we were all caught up ourselves getting in to the world of talking astronomy and space science. It was just techno talks throughout between us being in that premises. Of course, it was no wonder we did that because everything was science driven here in the space center.

A tour here in Johnson Space Center would leave you finding yourself in love with astronomy and space science.

The Big Space Shuttle at the entrance of Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
My Wamego Team at the backdrop of the Space Shuttle.
Texas Tour Crew at the parking lot of Johnson Space Center. 🙂
Right below the anatomy of the space shuttle machines and accessories.

Besides visiting Waco, Victoria, Austin, Galveston and Houston, we visited the beautiful cities of San Antonio, Corpus Christi and the beautiful South Padre Island in the big state Texas.

While I have finished writing this post now, I have to sit down and detail further about our Texas crew’s visits to the cities of Waco, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island in the upcoming posts on my blog. Stay anticipated for some more good travel stories and pictures of Texas! 🙂

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