Trip to the City of San Antonio: What I call the most beautiful city in the state of Texas!

The city of San Antonio was an absolute class and beauty. On the beautiful city streets you can see Horse Carts, City Tour buses, Road side shops and Hundreds of Tourists on the road. The city was wonderful and it was all vibrant and soul filled. Shopping was in full flow in the street side shops on the afternoon we visited the city. I loved this city and it had incredible atmosphere all over.

San Antonio
The beautiful San Antonio River in the city of San Antonio in Texas.
An amazing and super clean street close to the downtown of San Antonio.
The old-looking city tour bus in San Antonio.

San Antonio has everything that you can ask for! 🙂

Rolling horse carts in the beautiful streets.

Horse cart rides are excellent choices for an absolute pleasure in the beautiful streets of San Antonio. A ride in the morning, afternoon or evening; a peaceful pleasure is guaranteed.

Absolute beauty! I loved these horse carts.
A horse cart ride in the morning in San Antonio would do a lot great for the busy tour ahead for the day.

A Stunning Riverwalk of San Antonio River

The Riverwalk was absolutely awesome. Lots of cruises going through the river, lots of people taking walks in the banks of the river, lots of restaurant tables by the river banks were lunch served, quite a few parties were going on, post marriage lunch and parties and there was even more to it. The Riverwalk was unbelievably a fun filled place in the city of San Antonio.

Clockwise – Me, Naveen and Pavan in the Riverwalk.
Water flows beautifully in the River San Antonio. 🙂
Restaurant Tables were all lined up throughout the banks of the River San Antonio.
I couldn’t imagine a better riverwalk than this beautiful one.
To and Fro – The Riverwalk is a beauty in its own way!
A calm and peaceful lunch by the side of River San Antonio! – Wouldn’t you do it?! 😉 🙂

Rio San Antonio Cruises

Be it the Informative Tours, River Taxi, Dinner cruises, Cocktail cruises and Chartered tours; All of these cruises are absolutely possible and pleasure filled for sure in San Antonio River. You can take your very own River Taxi for a beautiful cruise through the riverwalk area in the San Antonio River.

Dinner or Cocktails on the cruise of your choice! A dinner on the cruise, on a pleasant evening on San Antonio River with your loved ones, groups or colleagues. Think about it! 🙂

What you want to do with the Cruises? Options are there! 🙂

River Tours, Rio Taxi and Charters

For more information on the cruises, check out the links of – and #RioSanAntonio

Rio San Antonio Cruises in the early spring times in the city of San Antonio. 🙂
River Tour! Get to the Riverwalk, get to this river tour and enjoy yourself with unforgettable experience.
Chartered Tours! It’s great to know the history of San Antonio with this wonderful chartered tour on San Antonio River.

Ducks and Drakes in San Antonio River.

When you have a calm, peaceful and romantic lunch with your loved ones by the side of San Antonio River, these ducks would offer you some real good entertainment.

I myself enjoyed looking and photographing these ducks for quite some time when we were taking joyous walks all through the riverwalk. Unrolling feathers, gentle swims, underwater swims, drakes(males) chasing the ducks(females), resting ones and so on. 🙂

I need some rest guys, please leave me alone! – That kind of a look it gave me, when I was capturing it. 😉 🙂
A Grand Take Off! Unrolling feathers for a spectacular take off from River San Antonio.
These two ducks were seen all active taking trips between the banks of the river. 😉

If I was ever asked to pick the city I like the most in Texas, I would obviously pick San Antonio. 🙂

The Texas crew (My colleagues) was done with the attractions in the city of San Antonio and headed next for the coastal city, Corpus Christi.:-)

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