Corpus Christi – A Charming Coastal City in Texas and the City Happened to be a Wonderful Shoreline Sensation.

“The sea tend to look so beautiful from the land every time and the land tend to look so beautiful from the sea after a long long sail.” 

Discoverers, Travelers and Sailors would just agree with it. There is no wonder about it but there is always a sensational touch associated with the coastal areas which make the ends meet for land and sea. No denials whatsoever! 😉 🙂

Highway towards the Bayfront Downtown of Corpus Christi.

Visiting a coastal city always brings immense happiness to me in every way possible. The beaches and the big blue sea always does the magic. I always have this strong attraction towards the vastness of the sea seen from the sands of the beach. It brings beauty even to all of the thoughts that comes up every time I get to visit the coasts. That’s an immaculate beauty after all. 🙂

From Victoria, it was a two hour journey to Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi is a beautiful coastal city with lots of Sea Gulls and Pelicans in the ferry, in the pier and in the beaches of Gulf of Mexico. Not many trees can be seen here in this city but with the birds, beaches and the downtown in the backyard, this coastal city is absolutely awesome.

In to the limits of Corpus Christi Downtown.
Downtown limits in the Bayfront area.

Single legged Sea Gulls – Here’s the story, how!

There is completely unusual among some of the Sea Gulls I saw here in the coasts of Corpus Christi is that they’re just single legged. I didn’t get it initially why they are that way. And when I asked my Boss about it, he told that it could be mainly because of the Sharks. Sea Gulls are highly specialized in fishing in the open wild waters of the ocean. They often take a sharp plunge in to the water in the middle of the ocean for catching fishes.

A single legged Sea Gull right opposite to the Sea Wall.

A great colony of sea gulls can be seen when there is a school of Sardines taking a run in the ocean. This Sardine run attracts lots of hunters like whales, dolphins, sharks and so many.

When the sea gulls are busy fishing, they often stay afloat off the ocean surface with the help of their webbed feet. When they do stay afloat, there are lots of sharks trying to catch these birds under the water. When Sharks trying to catch the Sea Gulls from under water, most of the times the Sea Gulls flies off and certain times they do get caught in the wild jaws of the sharks.

The two single legged sea gulls! Must be really hard on their body balance while flying and resting down! 😦

At certain times when the seas gulls are trying to escape from sharks, their legs get caught in the ruthless jaws of the sharks. Sometimes the shark manages to get only a leg of the sea gulls. And when that happens, sea gulls manages to fly away with just one leg. So, that’s how the Sea gulls should have turned single legged.

This fact suggest that sharks are pretty much lots in number in the Bay of Corpus Christi.

Brown Pelican

There are quite a few varieties of water birds that can be seen here in the Sea wall and the coastal areas of Corpus Christi. Brown Pelicans are the largest of the birds around this coastal region. These birds are just lots and lots here because of quite a lot of fishing ferries and boats in the Marina area.

Brown Pelicans! The two adult on an attempt to take a plunge in to the waters in the Marina.
Resting Adult Pelican!
A sub-adult Pelican! Pelicans are widespread here in the Bay of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi Marina

Assured of gentle breeze, gentle waves and peaceful ambiance here in Corpus Christi Marina!

Such a beautiful place on the Corpus Christi Bay and right opposite to the Sea Wall. Lots of boats, ferries and yachts can be seen here. This is a wonderful place for Jetty fishing. 🙂

Marina Area! Wonderful parking platforms for the boats here in the Bay of Corpus Christi.
Fishing Boats in Marina! Hundreds of boats (of all kinds) around here in the marina area.

Corpus Christi Seawall

The Corpus Christi Sea Wall is a national historic landmark here in the state of Texas. It serves as a pretty good coastal defense for the city and especially the downtown area.

The Seawall offers wonderful views of the Downtown, the Marina and the Bay of Corpus Christi. 🙂

Corpus Christi Downtown Seawall in the Bayfront – A wonderful view from the Marina.
The Texas Crew! Clockwise – Me, Sathish, Naveen, Visva and Ajit.
The Texas Crew! Clockwise – Sathish and his Spouse, Ajit and his spouse, Naveen, Me, Visva and his spouse.

The Texas crew (My colleagues) was done with the beautiful coastal city of Corpus Christi and headed next for the stunning, South Padre Island. I really liked the city of Corpus Christi. It was a wonderful trip to the city. Corpus Christi is really one of the best coastal cities I have visited. 🙂

Which coastal city you like the most in your visits/trips/travels? Would love to get to know about it. 🙂

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