Hot Springs National Park and Lake Catherine State Park in the Nature State of Arkansas.

A beautiful driving night from Texas to Arkansas, that I would never forget. That was mainly because of – ‘The beauty of the Interstate Highway I30, the grazing deers closer to the shoulder areas of the highway I30, slightly mountainous highways, the twists, turns and elevation of the state highway with lots of pine trees all through the highway in Arkansas’. Because of all these reasons, I would have to say that the drive was absolutely phenomenal and I would forever say that I would never forget. It is absolutely appropriate to call Arkansas as the ‘The Nature State’!

We three of us started from Pasadena TX to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. It was around 450 miles of journey for over 8 hours. We started around 7 pm from Pasadena TX and stopped by a Pizza Hut for supper in a small city in the borders of Texas and Arkansas. Since then, I started driving to the city Hot Springs with two of my colleagues started taking a deep sleep already. I guess the drive was pretty smooth and quite safe as they didn’t even get up for a second in the 8 hour drive. That was a non-stop and beautiful drive of over 8 hours. I have always loved driving in the night times. That was one driving night I would never forget all my life.

We reached the city of Hot Springs around 2.30 am and parked our car in the parking lot of a Walmart Supercenter. After reaching the parking lot of Walmart, I said to my colleagues, “Guys, the first thing that we will do in the misty morning after brushing the teeth is Hot Springs National Park! Say thanks to Walmart and get some good sleep.” 😉 🙂

Hot Springs National Park

Welcome to the city of Hot Springs! – The home town of Bill Clinton!! 🙂

The name of this national park pulled us towards it and nothing else. As the national park was right on the mid-way back to Kansas from our long trip in Texas, we didn’t want to really miss this out on our way back home. Hot Springs National Park is located right at the heart of the city of Hot Springs in the state of Arkansas and lies towards the east of the beautiful Ouachita National Forest.

As the name suggests, this park has dozens of hot springs all over but all the hot springs has been privatized. The privatized areas of hot springs or thermal pools are nothing but the bath houses associated with spas. These hot springs are much talked about because of it’s medicinal properties.

The national park is not just about the hot springs and the bath houses but has lots of interesting attractions like Mountain Tower, Scenic mountain roads and hiking trails.

An Ankle-to-ankle try in the Hot Springs Mountain! 🙂
Hot Springs Area – Nearby the bath houses.
Standing by the lake and listening to music, I was thinking about Kayaking! 🙂

Lake Catherine State Park

A beautiful state park which is primarily known for lots of campsites, boat tours and some wonderful hiking trails. The lakeshore of this beautiful Lake Catherine is widely spotted with campsites and picnic sites. Rental boat tours are allowed throughout the year.

It doesn’t get more beautiful often with a pleasure filled leisure of staying by such an amazing lake view campsite, going on boat tours, kayaking in the lake, angling for fishes from the lake pier, setting up a campfire on a late evening and so on. To me, that’s how a life should be – you know, totally pleasure filled which gets assisted by nature. I love my life that way, absolutely. 🙂

Lake Catherine in quite an early spring of 2013.
The three beautiful trials of Lake Catherine State Park.
The Wooden-Chain Bridge at the starting point of Falls Branch Trail.
The beautiful terrains of the Falls Branch Trail.
Falls Creek – It was wonderful to have such a beautiful creek with us all through the trail.
A mini waterfall in the Falls Branch Trail! An amazing place of nature.
Falls Creek Falls – Standing beside a waterfall is such a wonderful thing.
Falls Creek Falls – An extra-ordinary stuff in Lake Catherine State Park.
My colleagues, Pavan and Naveen at falls creek falls.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Woodland Gardens is a botanical garden and it is one of the primary attractions in the surroundings of Hot Springs National Park. It is situated approximately 6 miles from the national park. I definitely fell in love with the beauty and the variety of the spring tulips. 🙂

At the entrance.
Beautiful Tulips – The spring timers in Arkansas.
Spring Tulips at Garvan woodland gardens.

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