Hiking in Cedar Falls Trail was quite an experience in Arkansas.

That was a sensational experience, to a great extent! The hiking that we did in Cedar Falls Trail was quite unique from all perspectives.

There was a warning board, prior we start the hike saying, “This trail is strenuous. If you have health problems, you’re advised not to take this trail“.

Met a great motivator and traveler in the course of the trail. He was 70+ and met him and had a brief talk on the trail, where we’re from and stuffs. He said, “When I saw the warning board at the start of this trial, I didn’t think I would complete this trail. That’s when I decided that I have to complete this trail and here I’m, I almost made it.”

I took that as a pep talk and a great inspiration on anything that would look harder and unaccomplishable at first thought. We took few pictures with him and he’s in the featured image of this blog post. He’s such a wonderful human being. I still carry that pep talk with me at all times, even at my work.














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