A wonderful drive, through the amazing Ozark mountains of Arkansas.


The drive from Morrilton to the city Eureka Springs was a real beauty. We visited the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in the spring so early that we couldn’t see leaves on the trees. All of the trees on Ozark mountains were standing naked which wasn’t a pretty good sight looking at them, as everything was looking dry and dusted out. If we would have visited probably a month later, we would have definitely seen the trees were all dressed up pale green and giving out fresh smiles when we visited them in the Ozark Mountains. We missed those smiles for sure.

It would have been even more beautiful if we had the drive happened in the Autumn times. That would have been serenely picturesque. Take my word from my experience, if you’ve plans visiting the Ozark mountains – then plans should be in the times of the Fall season. I was in complete imagination about the Autumn season out there when we were driving through the Ozark Mountains in early spring. I felt the beauty of Autumn in the early spring times of the Ozark Mountains looking at the dense woods over the mountains.



















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